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For this study, the researchers have used the model by Byram &amp; Morgan (1994). The analysis of the textbooks reveals that the authors have not just focused on Islam and national culture but also on national history and international elements. However, the authors have included the major personalities in the textbooks who are considered as Islamic or national heroes. National culture, personalities, history, geography, and cultural heritage are promoted. International cultures are also given minor focus in a few chapters. The researchers have tried to explain both national and international aspects separately so that readers can compare cultural perspectives from one another to improvise the idea of globalization in the 21st century. The findings show that grade IX textbook focuses on national items and grade X textbook focuses on international items.</p> Subaina Malik Durr-e-Adan Shamsher Zafeer Hussain Kiani Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-01 2023-10-01 7 4 01 11 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)01 A Psychoanalytic Approach: Psychopath and Psychosis Phenomena Reflected in the Novella the Fox (1923) by D.H. Lawrence <p>This study aims to analyze the psychopath and psychosis phenomena reflected by D. H. Lawrence in the novella The Fox (1923), from a psychoanalytic perspective. In this research, the fundamental problems are how Henry Grenfel depicts his psychopathy and manipulates without guilt and sympathy for his desires. And how Nellie March depicts her psychotic behaviors by perceiving hallucinations and delusions. This research uses qualitative method which uses data in text. To analyze the data, the researcher uses descriptive analysis. The findings of this research suggests that Henry Grenfel, the main character, is a psychopath who is a very manipulative person, has no guilt and empathy and has intense desires. D. H. Lawrence writes the Novella to show that poor parenting in early childhood and environmental disturbance can make anyone a psychopath because every human is a born psychopath. Through March, the female protagonist, Lawrence shows a process of being psychotic. This novella also shows that while struggling in life, rumination can cause a psychotic disorder and perceives hallucinations and delusions that may horrify the person; however, with time it can be healed by self-esteem and environmental stability.</p> Muahmmad Hadi Muhammad Issa Muhammad Naseem Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-01 2023-10-01 7 4 12 25 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)02 Exploring the Press Coverage of Political Leaders in Pakistan: An Indexing Perspective <p>The main purpose of this research is to examine the coverage of political leaders in the leading newspapers of Pakistan within the premises of indexing theory. Employing a qualitative content analysis methodology, this study investigates the portrayal of political leaders within the selected newspapers and explores the predominant themes in their coverage. In order to achieve this objective, a comprehensive content analysis of top two English newspapers including; Dawn and The Express Tribune has been conducted. This study provides insights into the manner in which the newspapers present political leaders and examines the extent to which their coverage adheres to the principles of indexing theory. The findings of this study show that the coverage and indexing of new related to the political figures in Pakistani newspapers demonstrate a wide array of perspectives, as observed through the lens of indexing theory. However, overall portrayal of Imran Khan in both the newspapers contain indexing as an active political figure. There is mix of indexing of Maryam Nawaz in both the newspapers. One the other hand, Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman found critical indexing in both the newspapers. Ameer JI Siraj ul Haq has been indexed in more neutral way by the selected newspapers.</p> Wasim Tariq Syed Abid Ali Bukhari Muhammad Junaid Ghauri Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-03 2023-10-03 7 4 26 37 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)03 Impact of Covid-19 Post Pandemic on Students' Educational Satisfaction at Secondary School Level <p>The main purpose of the study was to explore the Impact of COVID-19 Post Pandemic on Students' Educational Satisfaction at Secondary Level in District Sheikhupura. The study was quantitative and Survey method was used to collect the data. Characteristics of population are being studied in Descriptive research. Population of this study comprised on secondary schools of District Sheikhupura. Random sampling technique was used to select the students of 9th and 10th grade. There were total 350 students select as sample of the study. Self-developed questionnaire was used for collected data. The questionnaire was consisted two parts. First part was consisted of demographic variable and second part was consisted on Impact of COVID19 Post Pandemic on Students’ Educational Satisfaction at Secondary Level. The data were collected from students of District Shaikupura. Researcher distributed the questionnaire personally and then collected from the students. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to calculate the data. It was discovered that a serious crisis has a detrimental effect on students' concerns about their schoolwork and their general well-being. Long-term worries about employment and career prospects, however, had no detrimental effects on wellbeing.</p> Ali Raza Mahwish Safder Sumaira Munawar Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-04 2023-10-04 7 4 38 46 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)04 Impact of Attitudinal Homophily on Organizational Cynicism and Employee Loyalty through the Mediating Role of Organizational Politics <p>The mediating role of perceived organizational politics has been examined in this research to determine how homophily affects organizational cynicism and employee loyalty. This research is based on the idea that people feel more comfortable around similar people. Similarities foster a feeling of affinity, leading to the formation of a relationship known as homophily. This principle asserts that individuals who interact tend to share similar attitudes, perspectives, educational backgrounds, and social standings. A quantitative methodology was employed in the current study. The model was verified by analyzing data from 300 respondents using SEM, following the two-step approach proposed by Andersen and Garbing (1988). The findings derived from the administration of survey questionnaires indicate that attitudinal homophily has an indirect adverse influence on organizational cynicism, while simultaneously having a favorable influence on employee loyalty. These effects are mediated by the perceived presence of organizational politics.</p> Nyela Ashraf Shahzad Khurram Shehar Bano Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-04 2023-10-04 7 4 47 64 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)05 Green Human Resources Management and Environmental Sustainability: A Moderating Role of Green Transformational Leadership <p>This study examines the effects of green human resources management on environmental sustainability with the moderating role of green transformational leadership. The random sampling technique is used to collect data from corresponding respondents. The multiple regression analysis is used to estimate the result of the model. The sample size of the study is 274 employees working in telecommunication sector in Kabul, Afghanistan. The estimated coefficient of green performance management is positive. This implies that as green performance management rises, this would cause to rise the environmental sustainability and its converse is also true. The findings of the study further reveal that there is a significant positive effect of green transformational leadership on the association between environmental sustainability and green performance management. The estimated coefficient of GPM * GTL is 0.112.&nbsp; Thus, green transformational leadership is a moderating variable for the study.</p> Ataullah Ahmad Tariq Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-04 2023-10-04 7 4 65 76 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)06 Cultural Beliefs' Influence on Child Health-Seeking Behavior in Laos and Pakistan: Exploring Infant Mortality Rate <p>This research paper aims to explore the factors contributing to infant mortality rates (IMR) and the associated health-seeking behaviors, practices, and policy reforms in Laos and Pakistan. It highlights commonalities observed in both countries, such as a reliance on traditional health practices, limited awareness of modern healthcare systems, and a lack of health education. In an effort to combat IMR, the governments of Laos and Pakistan have launched various initiatives, including the Skilled Birth Attendance (SBA) development plan and primary healthcare programs, often in collaboration with international development partners. These initiatives have been designed with the overarching goal of achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and reducing IMR within their respective nations. Additionally, both governments have partnered with international organizations to implement healthcare programs, with a particular emphasis on maternal and child healthcare (MCHC) as a strategy to reduce infant mortality rates. Moreover, this paper investigates the influence of social and cultural beliefs on infant health, providing valuable insights for healthcare practitioners. By examining the cultural factors that affect child health-seeking behavior in Laos and Pakistan, it seeks to offer a comprehensive understanding of the complex interplay between culture and healthcare in these two nations.</p> Muhbat Ali Shah Saleh Shah Amir Ali Shah Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-05 2023-10-05 7 4 77 86 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)07 A Corpus-Based Transitivity Analysis of the Character “Mr. Bhutto” in “The Mercurial Mr. Bhutto and other stories” <p>This study focuses on using transitivity as a device to demonstrate characterization. The purpose of this present study is to manually identify and portray the character development of Mr. Bhutto in the first chapter of the book “The Mercurial Mr. Bhutto and Other Stories” through transitivity analysis. This study is qualitative in nature. The transitivity system is used to focal point the ideological objective of language (Rashid, 2016). The transitivity system carried verbs into their respective process, “material’, ‘mental’, ‘verbal,’ ‘relational,’ ‘existential,’ and ‘behavioral.’ Concordance then resolved each verb in its particular clause. Transitivity analysis of each clause demonstrates the assertive and cocksure character of Mr. Bhutto. Vast use of material processes verbs portrayed the action and doing nature of the character. It also witnesses the character by interlinking it with all the societal factors, concretely politics. The current Study of characterization under the shade of the transitivity tool contributes to sharpening the understanding of first chapter of the text book ‘The Mercurial Mr. Bhutto and Other Stories’’.</p> Mahnoor Amjad Muhammad Ahmad Hashmi Copyright (c) 2023 2023-09-30 2023-09-30 7 4 87 103 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)08 Indigenizing the Chick Lit: A Contextualized Feminist Perspective in Mohsin’s The Diary of a Social Butterfly <p>This paper focuses on Anglophone Pakistani narratives’ effort to highlight the contextual specificity of Pakistani women in order to understand the heterogeneity and complexity of their experiences and lives in marginalized as well as in resistant positions. They challenge the hegemonic patriarchal discourses both nationally and internationally by not just showing the diversity of the issues and experiences of women but also giving a counter discourse to the Eurocentric essentialized monolithic representation of the Third World or Pakistani women as oppressed and without having any voice. It analyzes glocal concerns in Mohsin’s The Diary of a Social Butterfly in which the genre of Chick Lit is appropriated with the insertion of local perspective and culture that gives it Pakistani dimensions. It considers Mohanty’s arguments regarding the importance of contextualized feminist perspective as the basic theoretical framework to highlight the necessity to consider the contextual specificity while incorporating Western discourses and to argue for a more inclusive approach with pluralistic alternatives.</p> Zunaira Iftikhar Azeem Ammara Amin Ali Usman Saleem Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-07 2023-10-07 7 4 104 114 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)09 Circumstantial Analysis of Exit West: Deconstructing Migration <p>This study explored the ideology of migration issues in Exit West. The ideology was explored by analyzing the linguistic choices. The framework applied in the study was Halliday’s model of transitivity (2014). Analysis had been done taking circumstance of Halliday’s transitivity as major stance of analysis. UAM corpus tool (3.0) had helped in annotation of text. Mixed method approach had been used for this study. Quantitative results gave the statistical information about the distribution of linguistic choices. Qualitative results explained the validity of quantitative results. The results had depicted that the major form of circumstance used in the text had been the circumstance of location (73%). Circumstance of accompaniment (10%), role (3%), contingency (&gt;1%), matter (1.5%), manner (8%), cause (2%) and extent (&gt;1%) used in the text revealed the issues of migration under various circumstances. The results had also shown that the causes of migration are inhumane human actions that destroy the human existence. It also explored refugee crisis as biasness against migrants. This study will contribute for future studies of literature and its analysis. It would give a deep insight to the subject of migration through linguistic choices of circumstance of location, accompaniment, manner, role, cause, matter and extent.</p> Sundar Huma Muhammad Murad Sana Nawaz Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-07 2023-10-07 7 4 115 124 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)10 Effect of School Heads’ Instructional Leadership Practices on Teachers’ Functional Competencies: The Mediation of Teachers’ Attitude toward Teaching <p>This study intends to investigate the instructional leadership practices of secondary school heads and how these practices affect two important aspects such as teachers' functional competencies and teachers' attitude toward teaching. A sample of 300 teachers from 20 secondary schools in District Sargodha was selected to collect data using three questionnaires i.e. Instructional Leadership Standardized Scale, Functional Competencies Scale, and Attitude Towards Teaching Scale. The collected data from 281 respondents underwent analysis using Mean, Standard Deviation, t-test, ANOVA, and Linear Regression through SPSS. The findings suggest a positive and significant relationship between study variables. In essence, effective instructional leadership behaviors exhibited by school heads in promoting quality teaching and learning appear to positively influence teachers’ abilities and skills and their viewpoint toward the teaching profession. The study recommended that educational institutions should prioritize the adoption of instructional leadership strategies to enhance teacher competence and improve their attitude.</p> Riffat un Nisa Awan Uzma Shahzadi Abida Parveen Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-10 2023-10-10 7 4 125 134 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)11 Exploring the Significance of Blended Learning Models for L2 Educators in the Developing World: A Review of Current Literature <p>This review aims to assist second language (L2) educators in the developing world, burdened by complexities and obligations imposed by the pandemic era and beyond. Its objective is to enhance the understanding of blended learning and its multitude of models and practices. Blended learning revolutionizes teaching and offers world language educators versatility, adaptability, and the space to customize learning. Although widely used, there is still uncertainty about what blended learning means, how it delivers what it intends to deliver, and which blended learning model might best serve L2 educators. To address these concerns, this paper evaluates various blended learning models in academic contexts, focusing on language instruction. The findings provide valuable insights into the implications, challenges, and opportunities within the field. L2 educators are encouraged to explore suitable blended learning models and address challenges related to digital equity, educator readiness, and content alignment to maximize the benefits of blended learning in language education.</p> Muhammad Asif Ayesha Aslam Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-11 2023-10-11 7 4 135 147 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)12 Existential Threads in Shafak's Three Daughters of Eve: A Critical Reading <p>This research undertakes a critical analysis of Shafak's Three Daughters of Eve, adopting an existentialist lens to delve into the existential experiences of the characters. This analytical inquiry is confined to the portrayal of Peri, a Turkish woman marked by intellectual pursuits and tumultuous relationships. Peri's proclivity towards freedom, moderate religious observance, and her adolescent years dedicated to the pursuit of meaning are the key focal points of this exploration. The analysis uncovers not only her fragile and susceptible nature but also discerns the multitude of catalysts that ultimately lead Peri to contemplate suicide. This enduring sense of isolation, inner restlessness, distressing nightmares, and vivid imaginative experiences persist even during her academic tenure in England. The research methodology centers on a meticulous textual analysis, emphasizing a close examination of the novel to identify existential themes and experiences, particularly as embodied by Peri. Through this methodological framework, the study seeks to furnish a comprehensive comprehension of the existentialist elements prevalent in the narrative and their profound influence on the character's psyche and consequential decisions.</p> Rabieah Tahir Iqra Jabeen Ayesha Izhar Chaudhri Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-16 2023-10-16 7 4 148 157 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)13 Magical Doors in Exit West: Threshold of Transformation of Major Characters <p>This study examines the transformative role played by magic doors in the fictional work, Exit West by Hamid. It illustrates how the doors play a crucial role in the development of the major characters, in particular, the development of Saeed and Nadia, as the protagonists of the novel. This current investigation explores the ways in which the characters' encounters with these doors shape their self-awareness and contribute to the transformation of their personalities. By employing a qualitative research approach and purposive sampling technique, the chosen extracts from the text are subjected to close text-based examination to analyze the narrative and symbolic elements of the magical doors. The study delves into the characters' relationships with these doors to demonstrate the tremendous effects they have on Saeed and Nadia, both independently and united. By examining these perspectives, this analysis hopes to give a more profound understanding of the meaning of magical doors in the novel and their impact on the characters' journeys providing scholarly insights into the significance of magic realism in fiction and also delving into the broader social implications contained in Exit West.</p> Rabia Faiz Ayesha Tariq Hamna Ijaz Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-16 2023-10-16 7 4 158 167 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)14 Decoding Influence: Unraveling the Power Dynamics in Advertising Slogans <p>Advertisements are a wonderful way to raise awareness and provide a sneak peek at the product. As a result, many firms use advertisements and creative slogans to market their products. Advertisements portray worldwide social and cultural norms and have a direct influence on consumer thought. This qualitative study examines the language of advertising slogans from a linguistic standpoint, focusing on how they affect viewers' views. Data from five Pakistani TV channels was collected and evaluated using a Fairclough 3D model with the goal of uncovering the subtle interaction of language, culture, and society norms hidden within these brief messages. The study found that slogans have distinct linguistic properties, distinguishing them from formal language, and may have a positive psychological impact on customers. Advertisements depict global social and cultural conventions and have a significant impact on consumer thought.It strengthens the link between the consumer and the brand by associating the product with special occasions, resulting in increased sales.</p> Samreen Anjum Saira Bano Saima Sarwar Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-16 2023-10-16 7 4 168 180 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)15 The Impact of Gamification Tools on Reading Comprehension Skills: A Comparative Study of Kahoot! Quzizz and Baamboozle of English Language Learners <p>Gamification tools are being utilized more frequently in education to improve learning results and student engagement. This study looked into how well students' reading comprehension skills may be improved using gamification technologies like Kahoot, Quizizz, and Bamboozle. A mixed-methods technique was used in the study to collect quantitative data from a survey of 200 students and qualitative data from semi-structured interviews with 10 students. The quantitative results showed that students had favorable sentiments regarding gamification technologies and believed they were useful for improving their reading comprehension abilities. The qualitative research results provide light on the precise methods by which gamification technologies aid in improving reading comprehension, such as by boosting engagement, offering quick feedback, and fostering a positive learning environment. The study's findings suggest that gamification software holds promise for enhancing pupils' reading comprehension abilities. The best ways to use gamification tools in the classroom must be identified, and their long-term effects on student learning must be assessed, through additional research.</p> Hiba Qureshi Sahib Khatoon Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-18 2023-10-18 7 4 181 195 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)16 The Analysis of Translational Shift in the Novel “Adhi Mott” and its Translation <p>The purpose of this study paper was to look into the translation shift in Makhdoom Tipu Salman's novel "ADHI MOTT" from Punjabi to English. It studies the many types of translation shift, the most commonly utilized shift, and their impact on translation accuracy. Purposive sampling was utilized to assess both the source and translated texts using the mix method methodology. The findings of the study revealed that the translator's selection of translational shifts had a significant impact on the overall communication of the content, tone, and cultural subtleties shown in the English version of the work. The current study has a lot of potential as a useful scholarly tool for anyone working in translation, linguistics, and cultural studies. It delves into the complex relationship between language, culture, and literature in the context of translation.</p> Iqra Arif Nadia Bibi Muhammad Ali Shahid Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-22 2023-10-22 7 4 196 207 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)17 Ideology and State Apparatuses (ISAs and RSAs): A Marxist Study of A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammad Hanif <p>This research paper demonstrates the dominant power of ideology having a material existence, which leads people to become conformist of a state where the social and religious institutions used as tools to construct the subjects. It seeks to investigate one of the most notorious novels, A Case of Exploding Mangoes (2008) by Muhammad Hanif, under the theoretical underpinnings of Louis Althusser’s ideas of ideology, ideological state apparatuses (ISAs), repressive state apparatuses (RSAs), interpellation, and, most significantly, the subject model. The use of repressive state apparatuses (RSAs) in General Zia-Ul-Haq’s regime has been highlighted through the qualitative mode of inquiry. Catherine Belsey’s textual analysis method has been used to analyses the selected novel. The research pays close attention to General Zia-ul-Haq's administration and the ways in which Pakistanis were subjugated by ideological state apparatuses. This paper analyzes how Muhammad Hanif, deconstructs the social myths about General Zia and history in Pakistan.</p> Khalid Rahim Syeda Maryam Fatima Saima Nazir Copyright (c) 2023 2023-10-25 2023-10-25 7 4 208 216 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)18 Unveiling the Enigmatic Code Hero: A Visual Journey within 'Moth Smoke' by Mohsin Hamid <p>In this study researchers intended to explore the typical images of Hemingway’s code hero in the novel ‘Moth Smoke’ by Mohsin Hamid. Mohsin Hamid is one of the well-known novelists. His modern writing style exiles him in writing field. The purpose of this article is to find characteristics of Heminway’s code hero in Mohsin Hamid’s works. For this purpose researchers selected Moth Smoke, the first novel of Mohsin Hamid. Close reading technique was adopted for data collection. The main character is Darashikoh Shehzad who displays the typical image of code hero. It shows qualities of grace under pressure including men confronting challenges and showing firm determination and courage while encountering defeat and struggling alone to counterfeit those challenges. At the end Daru, hero of novel was sentenced to death but he never bowed down showing the quality of being destroyed but not defeated.</p> Amir Hamza Afia Tasneem Wasti Syed Sabih Ul Hassan Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-10-25 2023-10-25 7 4 217 227 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)19 Contrastive Analysis of the Vowel Sound System of Urdu and English Languages <p>Phonemic awareness plays a pivotal role in getting mastery and competence in second language or foreign language. English and Urdu languages both have different distinctive phonemic features. Both languages have their peculiar phonetic attributes. However, it is often seen that ESL learners face problems in picking up the pronunciation of the second language articulation process. The contrastive analysis approach was selected to analyze the vowel sound systems of English and Urdu languages. The contrastive approach is effective in analyzing the similarities and differences between two languages. The findings of the study reveal that there is a significant difference between the numbers of phonemic sounds of monophthongs and diphthongs in both languages. Some features were found similar while, some dissimilar features were also examined in both languages. Researchers observed the distinctive properties of nasal sounds in both languages. Findings of the study indicated that the ‘h’ sound is treated as consonant (in some cases as semi-vowel) in English language; however, in Urdu language it is considered as vowel sound and if ‘h’ sound follows a vowel in Urdu and the syllable is terminated, the vowel is pronounced with a breathy voice. On the other hand, in English language this feature of breathy voice is not present. Moreover, the findings of this study would be beneficial for personals of academic sectors, second language learners and teachers as well.</p> Sultan Mahmood Niazi Perveen Akhter Farhat Ghulamullah Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-10-26 2023-10-26 7 4 228 240 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)20 A Foucauldian Discourse Analysis of Nadeem Aslam’s The Golden Legend <p>The Golden Legend a novel by Nadeem Aslam is subject to a Foucauldian discourse analysis in this research paper. Michel Foucault's post-structuralist concepts of discourse, power, and knowledge are employed to examine how the novel challenges and dismantles dominant discourses of modern society. The novel mainly focuses on the sufferings of marginalized faction of Pakistani society, particularly the Christian community and covers the prevailing religious extremism, hatred under the social institution of religion. Setting of the novel is in the city named Zamana near Lahore and the story revolves around protagonist’s struggle for identity. The study also focuses on the novel's contemplation of how knowledge, power, and resistance intersect. New counter-discourses arise, emphasizing the work as not only a tool for resistance but also of critique. These findings underscore the text’s role in deconstructing and contesting the hegemonic discourses, highlighting how literature can function to push back against established norms.</p> Badar Zahoor Muhammad Ilyas Muhammad Ajmal Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-10-31 2023-10-31 7 4 241 251 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)21 Teachers’ Perceptions about School Infrastructure at the Elementary Level in Punjab <p>The present study aimed to explore teachers’ perceptions about school infrastructure at the elementary level in Punjab. The study was quantitative in nature and survey design was used to conduct the present study. Sample of the study was comprised of 282 female elementary school teachers from Punjab. Instrument of the study was adapted by the researcher. Reliability of the instrument was .94. It was found that school infrastructure plays a significant role in enhancing students’ learning at elementary level. The provision of physical, academic, administrative facilities, teachers’ methods of teaching and assessment system of school enhance quality of education at elementary level. Physical infrastructure including buildings, grounds, sufficient number of class rooms, computer labs, transport, school boundary wall, first aid facilities, furniture and apparatus along with essential equipment for education provides safe and conducive learning environment to the students. The academic facilities like provision of text books, planning co-curricular activities, technology support, guidance and counseling, sufficient funds also important for smooth functioning of the elementary school level. It is recommended that school should provide basic physical facilities, academic facilities, administrative facilities, innovative teaching methods and effective monitoring and assessment system for provision of quality education at elementary level.</p> Saima Musarrat Habib Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-06 2023-11-06 7 4 252 265 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)22 Translation Shifts in relation to Cultural Implications from English to Urdu Translation of Shafak’s Honour <p>This study digs into the field of translation while specifically focusing on the process of translating cultural implications from English to Urdu in Shafak’s novel. Translation is an intricate process that requires mediation between languages and cultures, and inherent to it are various challenges that become most evident when dealing with cultural nuances. Through qualitative analysis of social norms, gender roles, cultural references, portrayal of women, this research uncovers the multifaceted nature of translation shifts. Moreover, reveals the effort required to preserve the essence of source text while adapting to target culture. The exploration of interplay between language and culture, this study contributes to deeper understanding of the complexities inherent in literary translation. The aim of this particular study is to unveil how cultural implications are preserved, adapted, or lost during all of this. Likewise, aims to explore how translation influences the narrative, linguistic, and cultural characteristics of Urdu impact the essence of the original work. By exploring the translational shifts this study sheds light on the multifaceted nature of cultural implications in the realm of literary translations.</p> Snober Zahra Abdul Bari Khan Abeera Hassan Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-09 2023-11-09 7 4 266 275 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)23 Exploring Factors Linked to Difficulties with Pakistani English Language Learners' English Essay Writing Skills <p>Writing in English is critical for academic and professional success around the world, and despite years of training, Pakistani students, like other foreign language students, experience difficulty in this area. Essay writing is one of the most difficult obstacles they face in their writing. The aim of the current study is to investigate the difficulties encountered by Pakistani undergraduates in writing English essays. It sought to ascertain the factors, internal as well as external, behind these difficulties. It also attempted to determine which factors were contributing more to the essay writing problems, internal or external. Qualitative methodology was used for the study. An open-ended questionnaire was administered to 10 students, and semi-structured individual in-depth interviews of 10 students and 10 essay-writing teachers were conducted. The data were analyzed qualitatively using exploratory content analysis. The results drawn from the current study reveal that Pakistani undergraduates are facing a lot of difficulties in essay writing such shortage of ideas, lack of vocabulary, poor grammar, weak spellings etc. due to a number of internal and external factors like writing anxiety, L1 interference, large classes and lack of motivation. The data also show that external factors were more dominant than internal ones. Hence, the situation needs considerable attention and improvement. The study had academic and pedagogical implications.</p> Muhammad Nadeem Anwar Muhammad Zahid Zafar Maqbool Khan Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-10 2023-11-10 7 4 276 295 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)24 Representation of Women in Film Literature: Application of Feminism Film Theory on ‘The Princess and the Frog’ <p>The aim of this research is to find out the portrayal of women in animated movies and which types of roles are assigned to women as compared to men. This study is also being conducted to analyze different types of feminism in an animated movie “The Princess and the Frog”. In this work there have been many female characters which are different from one another. The reasons behind those differences are needed to be identified. So this study is being conducted to analyze the difference between the women roles in comparison to each other as well as comparison to male in animated movies. This research is exploratory and data is qualitative in nature. Population and sample of this research was an animated movie “The Princess and the Frog”. To make a framework of analysis, character analysis, thematic analysis and comparative analysis are done based upon Jane (2004) Feminist Film Theory. It provides in depth picture of feminine characters as well as their similarities and differences from men in projection. Findings showed that this animated movie “The Princess and the Frog” had significant feminine aspects. Its main protagonist is a female and she is a black American. She suffers from the very beginning of the movie. She faces struggles throughout the movie and society creates struggles against her destiny. Women are given less freedom as compare to men. This study revealed that there is a difference between men and women projection in animated movies. There are feminine perspectives present in the movie which shows that women are struggling from the very beginning of the story and achieve their destiny only with the help of men.</p> Muniza Murtza Imtsal Ahmad Muhammad Arfan Lodhi Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-11 2023-11-11 7 4 296 304 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)25 A Study of Translator’s In/visibility in Manto’s Short Stories <p>The current study is aimed to find out the use of domestication and foreignization strategies in Manto’s short stories. Venuti (1995) states that the domestication strategy makes a translator invisible in the process of translation by confirming to target culture values through the extensive use of target text terms for cultural items. On the other hand, the foreignization strategy makes the translator visible by promoting the source culture values by rendering source text terms for cultural items. The current study explores the two short stories i.e. Toba Tek Singh and Khol Do written by Manto and translated into English. The study highlights the issues of cultural translation. The study aims to provide significant insight into the existing literature about the use of domestication and foreignization to promote the translator’s visibility in Urdu-English translation. A detailed comparative textual analysis of the aforementioned short stories suggests that the translator uses both strategies for the translation of cultural items. A thorough reading of the short stories suggests that the translator finds cultural equivalents in the target text for less culturally loaded words and employs the domestication strategy, making the translator invisible. However, the translator opts for the foreignization strategy for certain culture-specific terms that are peculiar to the source culture and have no cultural equivalent in the target culture, making himself visible through the rendering of source text items into the target text. The study concludes that the most dominant strategy used for the translation of culture-specific items in Manto’s short stories is foreignization which is in line with the framework given by Venuti (1995) promoting the translator’s visibility by maintaining the source culture values and rendering source text lexical items into the target text.</p> Aamir Zahoor Sadia Parveen Asra Fatima Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-12 2023-11-12 7 4 305 312 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)26 Pashto-English Contact: A Study of Intergenerational Lexical Variations <p>In pursuit of understanding the factors contributing to Pashto-English contact and intergenerational lexical variations in Pashto speakers, sixty participants, including 30 young speakers of 15-30 years old and 30 elder participants aged 50 and above (both males and females) were selected through purposive and snowballing techniques. Guided by the Variationist Theory, proposed by Labov and adapted by Wanjiku, the research seeks to unravel the underlying causes behind these linguistic phenomena. With a tapestry of descriptive and qualitative methodology, the study endeavours to get a vivid picture of the linguistic landscape of Tehsil Kabal, District Swat. Data collection was executed through unmonitored interviews, capturing the essence of natural language exchange in the natural form. The data of both generations was keenly observed and compared. The findings revealed that the language variations were woven with threads of borrowing, word loss, modernization, loan translations, and the influence of schooling. As such, the causes behind these language patterns bring forth new insights into language evolution in the target region.</p> Israr Ahmad Liaqat Iqbal Irfan Ullah Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-13 2023-11-13 7 4 316 329 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)27 Analysis of English Phonological Performance between Sindhi Male and Female Learners <p>This paper presents acoustic analysis of twenty English vowels and diphthongs i.e. /ʌ/, /ɑ: /, /æ/, /e/, /ə/, /3:/, /I /, /i: /, /ɒ/, /ɔ:/, /ʊ/, /aʊ/, /əʊ/, /u:/, /aɪ/, /eɪ/, /ɔɪ/, /eə/, /ɪə/ and /ʊə / produced by Second Language learner Sindhi speakers. This paper analysis acoustic realization of Sindhi speaking undergraduates between male and female. It investigates as to how much acoustic difference is between male and female speakers regarding formant one (F1) and formant two (F2). The study uses the parameters of vowel quality formant one and formant two (F1 &amp; F2). The information was gathered via collecting voice samples from 30 subjects (fifteen male and fifteen female) from University of Sindh campus Nasuhahro Feroze, Sindh. The study focuses the height and the quality of vowels and diphthongs to determine the acoustic difference between them. The study finds that the F1 and F2 values of female participants are higher than the male participants. The hypothesis was that the production of the vowels and diphthongs of male and female differ from each other.</p> Muhammad Ashraf Joyo Rafique Ahmed Memon Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-14 2023-11-14 7 4 330 339 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)28 Unveiling Impoliteness Strategies in Political Discourse: A Case Study of Online Press Conferences and Media Platforms during the Political Crisis in Pakistan <p>This research endeavors to scrutinize the impoliteness strategies employed by Pakistani political figures amidst political censorship and the prevailing political turmoil, with a particular emphasis on their utilization of social media and press conferences. The investigation seeks to dissect the communicative patterns exhibited by the designated political elite, delving into the ubiquity and characteristics of impoliteness strategies, encompassing behaviors such as talking over interlocutors, manifestations of aggressive body language, employment of derogatory appellations, initiation of insults and personal invectives, as well as the application of sarcasm and irony. Given the heightened prevalence of social media usage, the study predominantly concentrates on virtual press conferences and assorted online media platforms exploited by politicians to attribute blame and participate in contentious dialogues with their adversaries. Through an examination of these impoliteness strategies, the primary objective of this inquiry is to elucidate the intricacies of political communication amid political censorship and the enduring political crisis, delineating its repercussions on democratic processes and the state of public discourse within the context of Pakistan.</p> Hafiz Raza Razaq Aqsa Atta Sibtain Aslam Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-14 2023-11-14 7 4 340 350 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)29 Non-Violent Resistance in Nazar’s Comics: A Verbo-Visual Discourse Analysis <p>The present study employs a Verbo-Visual Discourse Analysis to comprehensively examine the relationship between comics, women's empowerment, and nonviolent resistance in the Pakistani context. Focused on Nigar Nazar's Gogi character, the analysis utilizes visual grammar theory proposed by Kress and Van Leeuwen and Halliday’s SFL. It aims to explore the fusion of verbal and visual elements in Gogi comics, emphasizing their impact on female readers' perceptions and behaviors. Besides, this research scrutinizes Gogi's persona, assessing its influence on women's empowerment and its subversion of social mores, encouraging women to participate in nonviolent resistance activities. The long-term effects of Gogi's persona on reader engagement in nonviolent activities are also explored. Additionally, the study investigates women readers' responses to Gogi's lighthearted approach to empowerment, highlighting the role of humor as an effective medium for conveying messages about nonviolent resistance. The Verbo-Visual Discourse Analysis aims to decipher the semiotic nuances of Gogi comics, emphasizing visual and linguistic components that contribute to shaping the discourse of nonviolent resistance. Through this methodology, the study seeks to advance knowledge and understanding of the transformative potential of comics in challenging societal norms and fostering active engagement in social and political change within the Pakistani setting. Future research could delve into the broader cultural impact of Gogi comics in Pakistan, examining how they contribute to shaping societal perceptions beyond the scope of women's empowerment and nonviolent resistance. This exploration could shed light on the multifaceted influence of comics on cultural norms and values.</p> Sehrish Aslam Fauzia Janjua Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-15 2023-11-15 7 4 351 361 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)30 Construal of Nation and Identity: A Postcolonial Analysis of the Play Madmen and Specialists by Wole Soyinka <p>This research paper attempts to study the construal of postcolonial nation and postcolonial national identity in the play Madmen and Specialists (1971) by the Nigerian playwright, Wole Soyinka. The present paper draws on the postcolonial theory with special focus on the postcolonial theorist Frantz Fanon’s concepts presented in his seminal work, The Wretched of the Earth (1961). The findings of the paper reveal that even after gaining independence from the colonial rule, the newly independent nations cannot free themselves from the clutches of colonial rule. The colonial oppression just changes its form; it does not end completely. Post colonial nations may remain succumb to colonial oppression at the hands of their own native cultured class / native intelligentsia. Moreover, their national identity and national culture fall apart, and they live either with a hybrid culture and identity or get totally immersed in the Western/colonizer's identity and culture</p> Nimra Nawaz Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-15 2023-11-15 7 4 362 367 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)31 Ornament of the Chauburji Gate, Lahore: The Meeting of the Mughal Decorative Style with Traditional Islīmī-Khatā’ī <p>The objective of this research paper is to analyze Mughal decorative repertoire of Chauburji Gateway of 1647 at Lahore. The Mughals had a predilection for architectural ornamentation, which reflected in their monumental gateways that not only welcomed the visitor but also imparted sovereignty of the patron. The ones to gardens, like that of Chauburji patronized by Jahan Ara daughter of Shah Jahan, were given special attention as they also reflected Mughal aesthetics—a time when architecturally speaking Lahore was at its bloom. Chauburji is a surviving isolated monument of a unique kind that has not received its due scholarship especially its ornamentation. Qualitative method for art historical research has been deployed for the discourse of this gateway. Not only does Chauburji behold the Timurid and Safavid styles of decoration but also the newly established characteristic Mughal Decorative style. One can not only find curvilinear designs like the traditional islīmī-khatā’ī but also geometrical designs, calligraphy, single plant motifs, trees and still life in faience mosaic and cut-brick work. The gateway also gives an insight into the mindset of the patron of this monumental structure.</p> Masooma Abbas Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-17 2023-11-17 7 4 368 382 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)32 Analytic Review of Russian Languages Courses Implemented in Various Academic Institutions of Pakistan <p>The objective of research is to conduct an analytical review of Russian language courses held in various academic institutions of Pakistan. The research is survey based and three institutions engaged in Russian language teaching were selected for data collection. The research framework identified for analysis and comparison includes general characteristics of courses, formal status of courses, location, timing and duration of courses, facilities (materials, material provision and appropriate staffing), course content and course audiences. Accordingly, a questionnaire was prepared, and data was collected from selected institutions. The analysis and findings give a brief description of the status of the Russian language courses in Pakistan and problems faced by the teachers and audiences regarding course contents, learning problems, facilities, and many others. Recommendations have brought into light some important aspects of Russian language courses in Pakistan, if implemented can improve the learning process.</p> Ekaterina Gavrishyk Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-20 2023-11-20 7 4 383 396 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)33 Impact of Science Process Skill on English Reading Comprehension of Learners <p>This study investigates how science process skills can be used to enhance the literary practices of reading comprehension skills in the English language. Students read the textbooks, read various directions for conducting the experiments, and formulate their reports based on observations. The research conducted here is survey research in which the population consisted of all the science and English teachers teaching middle grades at the English medium schools of Karachi. Through the convenience sampling method, 200 Science and English teachers were selected from the English medium schools in the North Nazimabad area. A questionnaire was used as a research tool which consisted of 11 proposed scenarios about the basic science process skills and reading comprehension skills and was evaluated on the basis a of five-point Likert scale. The percentage method was used to analyze the responses and the null hypothesis was rejected. Findings revealed that reading skills in the English language can be developed through science process skills. The results further indicate that science process skills can be made a part of other subjects and their integration with reading skills can develop a perceptive effect on students’ learning. It is recommended that the integration of science process skills in different subjects can help save time and enhance students’ learning at the same time.</p> Mahwish Hassan Khan Zaheer Ahmed Bango Muhammad Hassan Shaikh Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-22 2023-11-22 7 4 397 406 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)34 Teaching English to Undergraduate ESL Learners through Task-Based Learning <p>This study explores the impact of Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) on the communication abilities of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners, with a specific focus on a Pakistani university context. The research critically evaluates the traditional Grammar Translation Method (GTM) and Presentation-Practice-Production (PPP) approaches still prevalent in Pakistani English language education, highlighting their limitations in fostering effective communication skills. Drawing on the literature review, which underscores the effectiveness of TBLT in enhancing speaking abilities, the study employs qualitative action research involving thirty-five undergraduate students. The action research involves two phases of data collection first phase sets the ground to plan action cycle based on task based approach. The research instruments used in the study are interviews, non-participant observations, and a diary to collect data on students' experiences and perceptions of TBLT. The results indicate a noticeable improvement in students' communication abilities, particularly in speaking skills. The researcher, following Willis's TBLT paradigm, designs and implements task-based activities in the classroom. The findings suggest that students engaged more actively when presented with context-based tasks, and their willingness to use English outside the classroom improved. The study contributes to the growing body of knowledge on the efficacy of TBLT, aligning with previous research on its positive impact on motivation, self-confidence, and language proficiency. Recommendations include further exploration of TBLT across various educational levels, assessing its long-term effects, and investigating alternative methods for assessing language proficiency within a TBLT framework. The study provides valuable insights for educators, curriculum designers, and researchers seeking to enhance language teaching methodologies, especially in EFL contexts.</p> Faisal Ahmed Habibullah Pathan Ali Raza Khoso Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-22 2023-11-22 7 4 407 416 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)35 Role of Collaboration in Learning English as a Second Language (ESL) Writing through Social Media from Pakistani University Students’ Perspective <p>The main purpose of this study is to investigate students' understanding of collaboration to learn ESL writing and the role of social interaction in higher education from the student perspective. A quantitative survey using social analysis is used to examine the role of social media in collaboration to learn ESL writing in higher education from students' perspectives. This study was conducted on 6 university students from Lahore region. The research includes two public schools and four private schools. All male and female students at six universities constitute the target group of this study. The scale is based on a five-point Likert scale ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Demographic information includes the student's major, semester, and name. We used SPSS (Social Science Statistical System) to analyze the data. With the help of statistics, we can determine the frequency, mean and standard deviation of the data. Differences in knowledge between male and female students were investigated using an independent sample t-test. Two-way ANOVA statistics were used to determine the significance of the differences between the mean scores of university students</p> Abrar Ajmal Yasmeen Khatoon Aqsa Javed Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-24 2023-11-24 7 4 417 422 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)36 Work Related Problems of Women in the Media Industry of Hyderabad, Pakistan <p>Pakistani working women face problems in each field. However, the media profession offers more problems than any other field in the country. Plenty of studies support the statement that Pakistan is unsuitable for media women. In Hyderabad, many media-working women are facing problems silently. This study is a milestone in exploring their problems. Thus, the current research applied qualitative research and a purposive sampling method. Twenty women participants selected from print, electronic and digital media were recruited for in-depth interviews. The findings revealed that women experienced myriad problems in the industry. Nepotism and favoritism impeded many women's career development. Insecurity of jobs, unsafe workplaces, non-cooperative behavior of co-workers, and female-to-female jealousy were the striking problems in the media industry. It was found that more significant numbers of women were working in glass-ceiling positions. Besides, the results exhibited that gender inequality and sexual harassment were the two predominant problems in the industry. A concrete policy should be implemented to curb gender inequality and sexual harassment in the media industry. Media authorities should provide a fair platform without nepotism and favouritism for each woman.</p> Saeedah Shah Hyder Ali Memon Syed Khurram Mehdi Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-25 2023-11-25 7 4 423 435 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)37 Traversing the Depths: Unraveling the Threads of Trauma in Ta-Nehisi Coates’ The Water Dancer <p>This study embarks on a profound exploration of trauma, identity and psychological struggle in the novel The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates. The study employs the theoretical lens of Double Consciousness by W.E.B Du Bois, to illuminate the nuanced layers of psychological struggle of the protagonist and his identity formation amidst a backdrop of historical trauma. It unveils how characters navigate the complex terrain of personal and collective trauma, unveiling the threads that bind memory and consciousness. The research scrutinizes how the protagonist’s experiences echo broader societal wounds, providing a thought-provoking analysis of the resonance of trauma within the context of double consciousness. Through a meticulous examination of narrative intricacies, the study unveils the protagonist's quest for self-discovery and resilience, shedding light on the transformative power embedded in the intersection of personal and collective histories. The research not only contributes to a richer understanding of trauma within the novel but also invites a broader discourse on the transformative potential of double consciousness in navigating and transcending historical wounds.</p> Laiba Zafar Samra Hafeez Yusera Syed Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-25 2023-11-25 7 4 436 447 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)38 Stylistic Analysis of the Poem “A Prayer for the Homeland” by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi <p>The purpose of this article is to examine the English translated poem “A Prayer for a Homeland" from the perspective of stylistic analysis. The Urdu origin of the poem has been written by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi and further translated into English language by Omer Khwaja. The study aims to examine the linguistic and literary devices used in the translated text. The study adopted mixed method i.e. descriptive and exploratory design to collect, analyze and interpret the data. The sampling strategy used for this study was typical and critical case sampling technique. The poet wishes for his native country to succeed in this poem. The poet employed a variety of levels to achieve a highly effective and lucid poem. The subject, which is prayer and prosperity, is extremely obvious. He used lexical strategies and components of speech to explain his poetry. The poet hopes to see advancements in his native country. The translator did not show this poem in rhyming form. He used simple and easy language, so anyone can understand this poem. We analyzed the poem Prayer for Homeland stylistically. The poet wisely delivered his ideas by using different devices.</p> Madeha Asad Warda Khan Muhammad Arfan Lodhi Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-27 2023-11-27 7 4 448 457 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)39 Evaluating Emotional Language: A Comparative Appraisal Analysis of Urdu Poetry of Bhabha and Ajami <p>This study aimed to evaluate the language of emotions in the Urdu Poetry of Bhabha and Ajami. The study also explicated how meanings were construed through the use of certain linguistic choices pertinent to the representation of emotions. The study was qualitative as the textual data was analyzed qualitatively. The data for the analysis comprised the Urdu Ghazals of Bhabha and Ajami. For analysis, a sample of 25 ghazals of each poet was collected using the technique of purposive sampling. Drawing on Systemic Functional Linguistics, particularly on Appraisal Framework (Martin &amp; White, 2005), an analysis of the sample ghazal was carried out. The results of the study highlighted that linguistic choices made in the Urdu ghazals of both the poets were significant in construal of meanings. It was also revealed that both the poets were significantly different in their use of appraisal resources. Further, the results showed that the differences in the used appraisal resources highlighted the unique meanings construed in the poetry of both poets.</p> Muhammad Kashif Brera Jilani Hafiz Muhammad Qasim Copyright (c) 2023 Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review 2023-11-29 2023-11-29 7 4 458 473 10.47205/plhr.2023(7-IV)40