Investigating the Challenges Faced by Pakistani EFL Teachers: A Literature Review


  • Muhammad Younas Assistant Professor, Department of English, Higher Education Department, Govt. of Punjab, Pakistan
  • Beenish Pervaiz Lecturer, University of Education Lahore (Jauharabad Campus), Punjab, Pakistan
  • Saira Maqbool Assistant Professor, Department of English, AIOU, Islamabad, Pakistan



English Language Teachers, Job Satisfaction, Knowledge Sharing, The Conducive Leadership Style


The purpose of this study is to develop theoretical foundation in form of literature review for the researchers for empirical analysis in this field. This paper points out the problems that are being faced by English Language Teachers working in Pakistan. The study is qualitative in nature. A Lot of literature has been read by the researchers to find out the challenges and problems being faced by the employees of different organizations. The researchers have listed out the commonly faced challenges by the employees in several organizations. The commonly faced problems are absence of job satisfaction, absence of job autonomy, absence of job security, absence of workplace flexibility, absence of handsome salary and the conducive leadership style, problems in using full potential and absence of knowledge sharing and knowledge receiving environment. 25 EFL teachers working in different educational organizations who were willing to be the part of study have been interviewed through convenience sampling. The structure interview was administered to validate either the challenges investigated from the literature review are found or not among EFL teachers of educational organizations. The data collected through structured interview has been analysed through thematic analysis. Finally, the emerging themes corresponded to the listed-out challenges from the review of literature.





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Younas, M., Pervaiz, B., & Maqbool, S. (2022). Investigating the Challenges Faced by Pakistani EFL Teachers: A Literature Review. Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review, 6(2), 867–877.