Media Trial of Muslims in The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Home Boy


  • Dr. Muhammad Arif Khan Assistant Professor, Department of English Language & Literature, Institute of Linguistics & Humanities, Gomal University, D. I. Khan, Pakistan



Home Boy Media, Muslims, Othering, The Reluctant Fundamentalist


Media is such an important source of information that within seconds and minutes it can make or mar anything that it wants. Its importance however increases in times of conflicts of international significance as it produces and maintains discourses. Reliance of people on media has over the years increased manifold. Electronic and print media of America is all the more important as the news come through the mouth of the powerful country. When 9/11 happened in America, its media became the firsthand source of information about acts of terrorism. Mohsin Hamid and H. M. Naqvi in The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Home Boy have tried to highlight the role of American media immediately after the fall of twin towers. This research too explores the role of American electronic and print media in relaying news about barbarous acts that devoured lives of thousands of people of different nationalities. The study shows that newsreels and news photos emanating from American media houses presented Muslims as enemies of their freedom. It was such a relentless and systematic campaign without verification that Muslims were portrayed as savages and war mongers. American masses too accepted the bombardment of images and unending hatred against Muslims started. Changez and Chuck, protagonists of the novels, suffer badly because of their religion, color and nationality.





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