Informal Social Networks and Post-Divorce Challenges of Middle-Aged Divorced Women


  • Kiran Ikram Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Dr. Ahmed Usman Professor, Department of Sociology, Institute of Social and Cultural Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan



Divorce, Informal Social Networks, Marriage, Patriarchy, Post-Divorce Challenges, Social Support


Pakistan is a patriarchal and collectivist society where marriage and divorce are not in isolation. In fact, the structure of informal social networks regulate the norms and provide sanctions and resources in case of following or deviating them within marriage and family institution. Coming out from appreciated social status of being married, a woman when divorced face plethora of problems. The current study investigates and explores the post-divorce challenges of women in Pakistan in context of informal social networks. The data was collected through 15 in-depth interviews of divorced women from Lahore .After transcription, it was divided in further codes and a thematic analysis was applied. The research findings are low self-esteem, stigmatization, financial burdens, fear of tomorrow, burden of single parenting and post-divorce regrets. Moreover, the women reported low social support from informal social networks except their parents. However, the challenges vary with socio-economic and cultural settings subjective to the each participant.





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Ikram, K., & Usman, A. (2022). Informal Social Networks and Post-Divorce Challenges of Middle-Aged Divorced Women. Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review, 6(3), 253–262.