A Brief Description of Bēdil’s Mystical and Philosophical Ideas


  • Muhammad Asif Raza Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Government Graduate Talim-Ul-Islam College Chenab Nagar, Chiniot, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Sami Ullah Assistant Professor, Department of Persian, Government College University, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Hafiz Ahmed Yar Assistant Professor in Persian, Government Associate College, Jame’a Muhammadi Sharif, Chiniot, Punjab, Pakistan




Bewilderment, Descent, Divine Immanence, Emanation, Imroz, Divine Transcendence, Intuition, Mirror, Multiplicity, Selflessness, Sukhan, Unity


This article aims at investigating a comprehensive view of reality and human life expressed in the poetry of Bēdil; he acknowledges reality as the consciousness of Divine Unity by realizing God as the descending arch of reality and considers emanation as the cosmological source of creation. At the same time, he considers Man as the ascending arch of reality, as the ontological mirror of Divine reflection. He considers ‘sukhan’ (speech or poetry) as the ontological foundation of language and multiplicity in which meaning is inherently undetermined and reality is beyond the reach of human reason; only intuition is the true source of knowledge to realize the essential nature of things. This is qualitative study based on poetic analysis of Bēdil’s weltanschauung which is a creative synthesis of mystical consciousness and philosophical wisdom. Through aestheticization of meaning, he wants both moral development and growth of self as the prime objectives for humanity and it demands creative appreciation.





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Raza, M. A., Ullah, S., & Yar, H. A. (2023). A Brief Description of Bēdil’s Mystical and Philosophical Ideas. Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review, 7(3), 923–939. https://doi.org/10.47205/plhr.2023(7-III)80