Cultural Hybridity in Nafisa Haji’s Fiction ‘The Writing On My Forehead’


  • Manal Lecturer, Department of English and Literary Studies, University of Management and Technology, Sialkot Punjab, Pakistan
  • Sana Saeed Dogar PST Arts , GES Sabalpur Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan



Ambivalence, Hybridity, Migrants, Multiculturalism


This paper focuses on the aspect of cultural hybridity and specifically how this impacts characters and the choices they make in the novel ‘The Writing On My Forehead’ by Nafisa Haji. In the dynamics of cultural hybridity of the characters, the purpose of the work is to identify the background in the characters’ choices and life experiences. In the novel, characters are presented as individuals with intricate self-images. Applying this analytical perspective shows the main character, Saira Qader, is an ideal candidate for understanding how cultural identity and personal agency interact. The idea of technology as representative of a dual identity destabilizes the show’s unique narrative of a Pakistani woman, temporarily erasing the cultural complexities of the character’s identity. To achieve this study, the use of a qualitative analysis method was deemed most appropriate regarding the narrative techniques used in the novel particularly the dialogue used in character development. Thus, it only could be identified that Saira’s actions are informed by her multicultural background and the same applies to other characters. Culture is one of the most important aspects that can be considered both as the people’s enemy and the basis for their development, affecting the characters’ development and their relations. Consequently, further research should employ broader ranges of investigation to encompass comparative analysis with other works that touch on cultural mestizaje





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