Decoding Joycean Narrative: Barthesian Analysis of Eveline




Bathers Codes, Eveline, James Joyce, Short Fiction, Textual Analysis


This objective of this paper is to decode the story in Eveline by James Joyce based on the study of a narrative code by Roland Barthes. The study identifies and analyzes the five narrative codes as delineated by Barthes five codes, namely, the Hermeneutic Code, the Proairetic Code, the Semantic Code, the Symbolic Code, and the Cultural Code. The methodology utilized is qualitative and content analysis is used. Through the use of these codes, the research reveals the important structures to come up with the thematic appeal and the emotions of the plot. Thus, the narrative of this research contributes to expanding the understanding of Joyce’s skill and the relevance of Eveline to the modernist tradition. The conclusion also emphasize the usefulness of Barthes’ theoretical model in deeper comprehension of the literary works as well as the number of their meanings.





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