Thinking on the Innovation and Development Path of Pottery Craft in China and Pakistan


  • Qu Qiumei PhD Scholar, Department of History & Pakistan Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan; Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China



China, Comparison, Development, Innovation, Pakistan, Pottery


Pottery has different uses in its capacity, as it was used in different countries in ancient and medieval times which in the modern era is more focused as an art along with its utility. In this research article the main focus is to compare the pottery techniques as an art and its development historically in China and Pakistan. The ancient and medieval techniques of pottery remained similar in both the countries while both later patterns and approaches of poetry changed with the passage of time in both countries. As it is seen that the Chinese pottery become more rationalize and worked more with the modern technology but the Pakistan pottery retained its artistic approach in a better way. The methodological approach of this research article is to apply the qualitative research techniques with using the case of Pakistani and Chinese pottery craft. In the same way, the results of the research shows that Chinese pottery has been changed with the passage of time.





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Qiumei, Q. (2023). Thinking on the Innovation and Development Path of Pottery Craft in China and Pakistan. Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review, 7(1), 322–332.