Analytical Study of Perspective Techniques in Leonardo da Vinci's Paintings


  • Ahmed Faraz Assistant Professor, Visual Communication and Design, University of Home Economics, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan



Atmospheric Perspective, Chiaroscuro, Italian Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci, Linear Perspective, Sfumato


The western Renaissance is a revolutionary phase with respect to artistic methods. The art of Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci shows scientific use of the compositional elements. His contributions of perspective theories reflect a connection between the fields of art and science. This research examines Leonardo’s use of perspective in the paintings, which is an everlasting influence on art and science till the present time. In A Treatise on Painting, Leonardo documents the feature of human vision which is capable to perceive the spatial depth. He presents linear perspective and atmospheric perspective as vital devices for creating an effect of depth in the painting. In addition, the techniques of sfumato and chiaroscuro give his paintings a realistic appeal. The article offers demonstration of linear perspective through diagrams laid over the images of Leonardo’s paintings. Further, it analyzes the paintings formally to study perspective in relation to the subject painted. The emphasis is laid on the balance and harmony achieved through the use of perspective techniques.





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