The Power of an ‘Absolutely Not’ by the Pakistani PM Imran Khan: A Critical Discourse Analysis


  • Muhammad Amjad Head of English Department: Aspire College & Academy Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Ahmad Law Student, The University of Faisalabad (TUF) Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Attiya Bano English Language & IELTS Instructor: Qasar-e-Behbood for Women, Faisalabad, Pakistan



Absolutely Not, CDA, Pakistani PM’s Interview, The US-Afghan War


People use language for different social practices, for different purposes and in different contexts. Discourse analysis is a vast and deep field of study which examines these social practices to understand the hidden meanings behind the text. The objective of this paper was to analyze a simple but very strong and amazing phrase ‘absolutely not’ by the Pakistani PM in a particular context. The PM used this phrase during an interview with Jonathan Swan on HBO on Saturday, June 19, 2021 when he was asked a question about giving military bases to the US in Pakistan for targeted operations in Afghanistan. The worldwide print and electronic media discussed and interpreted this amazing phrase ‘absolutely not’ focusing on the past Pak-US relationships and its impacts on future politics in the region, but this article tried to clarify and highlight some precise meanings attached to this amazing term. This ‘absolutely not’ also takes on symbolic meanings. It shows the PM’s moral standpoint against anti-peace-keeping policies in the region, shows its power and impact on the present and future policies to establish regional peace, and it shows the PM’s love for peace in the region and also the possible consequences as stated in the research questions. Fairclough’s model in CDA has been used to analyze this amazing ‘absolutely not’ and contribute to existing knowledge by filling a research gap. The present economic and political ground realities are a true picture of this critical analysis, and more research of this ‘absolutely not’ should be conducted in the future according to the upcoming ground realities in the region.





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Amjad, M., Ahmad, M., & Bano, A. (2024). The Power of an ‘Absolutely Not’ by the Pakistani PM Imran Khan: A Critical Discourse Analysis. Pakistan Languages and Humanities Review, 8(1), 316–324.